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Next Designing College It is one of the pioneering schools in the field of fashion. Since its establishment it trains and graduates 1305 regular & Extension students in fashion designing and granted training for 320 students in Modeling. Out of these, 295 students received full scholarship and also 50 deported women's, from Saudi Arabia full scholarship in short & Level I training program of the college, as part of its non profit objectives that up to now is fully dependent on its profit making business. In addition to this the college participates on organizing international fashion podium to advertise and find markets for Ethiopians cultural garments (Clothes) with modern designs.


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International Star Award

Winner for Quality 2013,


Let's Help WOmans

Here at Next design collage we give loud attention for woman who can not cover the tuition fee , we give them a special place to let them have a bright future from there own creativity. we believe every woman deserves to take a step in the business industry because helping woman is helping the community in general .

Secured Carreer for our students

we will not only help them gain the skills we help them till we make sure they join the working environment based on there gained knowledge, with the scholarship for winners to encourage them join the fashion world with the stamp on there confidence also to make our country on the top fashion bussiness.