Fashion Desgin

Fine Art

Fine Arts in Fashion Design reinforces students' ability to work with varying fabric textures, styles, and techniques. Throughout the program, students build their illustration, aesthetic and production skills through studio and classroom settings.

Pattern Making

In the garment industry, products are only as good as the patterns they are made from. The professional pattern maker take the designs and develop workable pattern for production. This course will take you through the basic step by step.


This comprehensive sewing course will give you a thorough understanding of sewing and garment construction methods, used in the industry today.


Students in this course will be taught the basic skills of figurative drawing either for the purpose of Fashion Design or for Illustration.

Photo Modeling

Careers in fashion photography are growing and the fashion industry facilitates for new talent to arise amongst the fashion photographers of our generation. Join Us Today

Cat walk

Walking may seem as natural as breathing but there are so many components to take note of for just for a perfect walk. The art of the perfect walk is not just reserved for models but to everyone who brings an air of confidence to the people around you and the way we walk and present ourselves, the graceful stride and the underlying confidence is a key influence on the response we gain from others. Come to Next Design To improve your next move.
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