Organization Structure

Organization Managment

NDC is headed by the General Manager over the Deputy G/Manager which controls the Academic Dean, Administrative Assistant, and General Service Section. The Academic Dep't is the largest & main branch with three different sections. The institution also have audited and controlled with the Internal Auditor. In general, NDC has coordinated management system to implement this project idea. Our college also has known the one and only leading training giving center for fashion designer and Models for the past nine years. In addition, these center known in organizing and coordinating several events
The college promotes our country traditional clothes in the world in different times and places. For instance in 2010 we organized Ethiopian Traditional Cloth fashion show in France, Switzerland and Germany So Next Design had most experience to organizing different events for the future. In the other way our institute gives profit for Ethiopia by give designing training for the designer up to now.
Events :

  • Miss Africa Beauty Contest 2005 at Hilton Hotel
  • Fashion week 2006 at Imperial Hotel
  • Typical Ethiopian Traditional Cloth Fashion Show, IMF CICA conference 2006 at Sheraton Addis
  • Grain Fashion Show 2007 at Hotel Buffet Delagar
  • Habesha & Ferenji Fashion Night 2007 at Hotel Buffet Delagar
  • Fashion for Africa at Sheraton Addis
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Organization Objective

We think BIG! through an initial support from in and out of Ethiopia, and other partners working on this area. NEXT is endeavoring to focus on the following major program areas to build its international capacity in the coming five years:
  • To support Ethiopian and African costumes to be competitive (...
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